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Green Flash Routine

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How to apply green flash?

How to

How to remove green flash?

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The Green Flash Tricks

Collect little material

Essorer the brush d ' one side, and leave from l ' other than#x27; a small drop of matter at the#x27; end of the brush. Then apply each layer in 2 to 3 strokes of brush.

Border the nails

After each layer, pass the brush on l 'edge of l ' nail without adding varnish.
On the short nail, pull the finger on the finger to release the edge.

Correct Overflows

Before flasher, remove varnish overruns on the skin. To do this, imbiber a brush or stick of Green Flash Dissolved Water and gently rub.

Apply Green Oil

Complete the manicure by l ' application of the Verte Oil '. Collect a few drops and apply on the nail outline by massing slightly to facilitate l ' absorption.

How to

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