5.5 base


Designed to strengthen and protect nails, 5.5 BASE offers a nurturing combination of 5 plants extracts and 5 vitamins.

This treatment is an ideal complete base to heal and strengthen fine, soft or split nails and to soften nails that are too dry.
Five benefits are effected by this hyperactive formula.

Enriched with Vitamins C, A, E, and F: antioxidants and moisturizers

Panthothenal calcium: moisturizing and invigorating

Aloe vera extract: Nourishing

Pomegranate seed oil extract: nourishing and moisturizing

Grape extract: antioxidant and moisturizer

Ginseng Extract: Conditioner

Lemon: anti yellowing

Hexanal: hardener of keratin and repairer of the surface of the nail

12ml bottle

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Nail care Manucurist

Using advice :

In maintenance: Apply the tracing base before applying the varnish. Put alone, it offers a very bright finish.

In cure: Apply daily for 7 days by superimposing the layers. After 7 days, remove the nail with a soft cotton pad and apply the night mask. Renew the cure for 1 month then switch to maintenance mode.